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Kokopella is the Native American spirit of abundance, prosperity and success. We chose it as the symbol of our business to bring abundance, prosperity and success to your company or your career.

Kokopella Career & Business Consulting provides

  * Career Transition services to companies that are rightsizing, consolidating or merging

  * Career Transition services to individuals needing support through Career Change

  * Entrepreneurial Concept Development, Business Planning, Launch and Marketing support.

Our mission is to provide an outstanding caliber of service, tailored to our client's very specific needs, to enable

  * Client companies to be successful in their rightsizing efforts

  * Employees to land another great job quickly, and

  * Would-be entrepreneurs to plan and launch their new business.

We take our work very seriously, realizing that we have a direct impact in each client's life and work.

We differ from other companies in that we customize our work to meet your very specific needs. We don't use templates or cut and paste. Rather we listen very carefully to what you want to accomplish and how you want to get there, and design your/our work to advance you in your career search or your business development. We take our work very seriously, realizing that we have a direct impact in your life and your work.

Many clients return for support for future searches. They know that we are committed to their success, that we already know them well, and put their intersts first. They will tell you that We Are Committed to Your Career and Business Success, and our results show it!

Feel free to call us or email your name and phone number for a free consultation. We'll listen to your situation and make recommendations so that you can decide first hand the value we will bring.

We look forward to speaking with you!

Contact us at 908.362.1999 or info@kokopella.com.