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Twenty-five percent of jobs are found by searching on the Internet; that’s 1 in 4, so it is a viable option for people in career transition. There are 3 sources of jobs on the Internet:

·  Job Boards - Monster.com, CareerBuilder.com, Indeed.com, jobankinfo.org, sixfigurejobs.com, etc.

·  Your local newspaper’s Internet employment website

·  Company Recruiters and External Recruiters.

It is important that your resume appear current so that employers and recruiters will call you. There are specific things that you need to do to accomplish this.

Post your resume on 4-6 job boards that you like and will manage throughout your search. Make your document public so that employers and recruiters can find you.

To make your search easier, use the Job Agent feature on Monster or the Job Alert feature on CareerBuilder to notify you of jobs that you may be interested in or suitable for. Agents and Alerts are mini search engines within the job board that look for jobs that contain key words that you designate.

For example, if you are looking for a sales job, you can set a Job Agent or Job Alert to look for sales jobs by listing sales key words such as sales, account management, cold calling, hunter, territory management, solutions based selling. The Agent or Alert will search the Job Board as often as you dictate and will email a list of jobs containing these key words. Usually you can have up to 5 Alerts or Agents, allowing you to look for up to 5 different types of jobs.

Using Job Agents or Alerts doesn’t really help keep your resume alive, but it does make Job Boards work more effectively and efficiently for you. Contact the other Job Boards that you use to see if they have this feature too. Our Career Clients suggest that once a week you should also review the jobs on Job Boards yourself in the event the Agents or Alerts missed a good job for you.

Now comes the crucial part of keeping your resume looking fresh and alive. Internal and external recruiters can access resumes designating the “age” of the resume. They can request to look at resumes that were posted 90 days ago, 60 days, 30 days, 7 days and 24 hours. Recruiters are always accessing resumes online, often every day, and certainly every week. If you posted your resume 8 days ago and the recruiter requests all of the resumes with your qualifications that have been posted in the last 7 days, although your resume is there, it won’t show up. You need to Refresh your resume so that they see it as new, not old. 

Here’s how you do it and it varies by Job Board, so it is helpful to email Boards asking, “What do I need to do on your Job Board to bring my resume up to the top of the pile to make it look like it was just posted?”
Monster makes it easy. My Monster is your personal file on Monster. Within that is My Resume, where your resume is housed. Along side the Edit button is a Renew button. Click on the Renew button once a week to bring your resume to the top of the pile, preferably on Sunday evening, so that when recruiters start work on Monday morning your resume looks new. Or click on it everyday to pop up for the recruiters who access Job Boards everyday to find newly posted resumes.

Monster and CareerBuilder now have the same process. You need to edit your resume to bring it to the top of the pile. Open your resume, go to the end of a line, put in an extra period, save your edited resume for 10 seconds, open your resume again, remove the period you just added, save your resume again and the Job Board will recognize that it is different and re-post it as new. The following week, go back in and perform the same procedure again and your resume will pop up as new again.

Some Job Boards require that you delete your resume and repost it to have it pop up as new. Contact each Job Board that you’re using so that you know how to keep your resume alive to attract employers and recruiters.

Job Boards are eternally changing, so our information may vary based on that. The principles are what is important, so please contact each Job Board that you are using to determine their current practices to keep your resume alive on their Job Board to attract employers and recruiters. 

For more information on how to have a shorter, more effective search, contact Kokopella Career & Business Consulting. Best wishes for a short and effective job search.

Contact us at 908.362.1999 or info@kokopella.com.