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It's simple! Shorten Your Job Search by 20% - 63%

Join a Kokopella Shorten Your Search Team and reduce the duration of your search. The US Department of Labor studied the team support method we use and found that members who actively and regularly participate, shorten their search between 20% to 63%. That puts a lot more money in your pocket sooner.

You'll be on a small team of 6 members which means you'll receive lots of individualized attention.

You'll join a team with members from similar levels of resposibility so that you'll feel comfortable with their expertise.

You'll be the only member with your functional responsibility so that you can share ideas and opportunities without fear of competition.

Meetings combine training and coaching to help you learn how to conduct a more effective search and provide constructive emotional support to motivate you through this long, rude, impersonal process.

We focus on improvidng your search productivity so that you do the right things in the right quantity.

Space is available on new and existing teams, so you'll be up to speed immediately and improving your search.

Meetings are cost effective to enable you to afford to shorten your search - $50 per week for a 90 minute call.

The Wall Street Journal estimated that for each $10,000 of salary you want to earn. it requires 1 month of searching. Do the math to determine the value of being on our team.  If you shorten your search by only 20%, for each $10,000 you earn you'll bring in $192 per week.

By shortening a 6 month search by 20% (5.2 weeks), someone earning $40,000 will bring in $4000 sooner. A person earning $80,000 will earn $8000 faster, and an executive earning $120,000 will make $12,000 more quickly. And that's only for shortening a search by 20%. Think of what you'll bring home when you shorten your search by more.

We take your success very seriously and do our best to support you and shorten your search. We cannot guarantee by how much you'll shorten your search, that's up to you. But we definitely know that we can help you, just as we have helped thousands of clients before.

Call us to discuss your search situation and how we can help - we'll be happy to talk with you.

Contact us at 908.362.1999 or email at ShortenYourSearch@kokopella.com.