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Our approach to creating your resume makes all the difference in the success of your resume and in your search.

We create the most effective, compelling resumes you'll ever have. We don't use templates or ask you to fill out a form. Instead, we custom design your resume by spending 2 hours with you, by phone, to tailor your background to sell you to an employer. And during this time, we coach you how to use your experience to your advantage in interviews.

All of our work is guaranteed to both satisfy you and guaranteed to work. Call us at 908.362.1999 or email us at info@kokopella.com to hear for yourself how we can help you.


Your cover letter is your secondary sales document that must sell you for the job you're seeking. It must be tailored to that specific job ad; a generic one just won't do. It won't sell you enough and won't compete with letters from other candidates who have tailored their letters.

We custom design a cover letter to sell you to that special ad and then teach you what we have done so that you can then do that for yourself. This way you'll save time and money and know how to create a dynamite cover letter for yourself going forward.

And if economy is your need, we sell a Cover Letter Sample Template, that will teach you our principles so you can create one for yourself, or create one and have us critique it. Call us at 908.362.1999 or email us at info@kokopella.com to purchase our template and receive it by email.